Monday, February 1, 2010

Buat si nona manis, :)

You're coming back.
Thanks, but I dont need you.
I'm good already, even though I'm always wishing for you to come.
Yeah, I'm good.

You're standing there all day long.
There is no reason for you to stay.
I'm fine by myself, even though I'm always looking at you.
Yup, I'm fine.

You keep talking to me every single day.
I never asked you to do so.
I'm alright, even though I'm always waiting for you to speak to me.
Uh huh, I'm alright.

You always keep your faith up.
I'm sure it wasnt me, right?
I'm okay, even though I'm always dreaming that you're being with me.
Really, I'm okay.

Ah? You're leaving?
Did I just hurt you so bad?
I'm sorry, even though I'm doubting I wont do it again.
Hey, I'm really sorry.

I'm an idiot, I really am.
I've told you, but I never really told you in person.
I love you, even though I know I can't have you.
I do, really love you.

Harusnya di post di notes fb tapi gak berani. :( Grammar juga ngaco ya?

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